With the world changing at such a rapid pace, how do today’s schools prepare students for an unknown future? One thing we know about the future is that it will look very different from life today. Due to automation and significant advancements in technology we are on the brink of a world where 40 per […]

It’s more common than ever; children lack the strength in their hands to hold a pencil correctly because of their reliance on touch screens and keyboards. It’s the reality of the time in which we live but, it’s essential to keep the gift of handwriting alive as an everyday skill and to do that, we […]

The freedom and fun that the long summer holiday brings is always much anticipated (for us educators as well as the students!). And though that downtime is there to be enjoyed, all too often the holiday months can become a time when learning seems to switch off and many children start to slip down what […]

Looking for a unique way to get your little one excited about reading? Why not share a story together on one of Sunshine Coast Libraries new story seats!

Looking for childcare can be a challenging task for any parent, let alone a parent of a children with special needs. For Oscar and his mum, Samantha, vacation care is crucial for their family, as it provides them with so much more than just time and space. “Oscar is an extremely active child who loves […]

Do you have a preppie starting this year? Be ready for Prep and start the year well with these top tips from Sunshine Coast Grammar School.